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CAD Training

Would you be interested in learning more about the fundamentals of producing three-dimensional models? Are you curious to learn about the top 3D modeling programs used by engineers around the world? Enrolling in Rakhere 3D and CAD training classes will allow you to gain skilled computer-aided design techniques and advance your talents.

Learn With Professionals

We have a training path for everyone, whether they are a beginner, experts, students, or professionals. Your options for CAD training and 3D training courses are very wide with us. All of our training courses are approved by experts, licensed instructors, and partners.

Why do You need to Take a CAD Course?

Did you know that the most used CAD program for creating architectural, scientific, and construction drawings is AutoCAD? How does it help you? The following are a few reasons why you should get enrolled yourself in a CAD training program.

Get a Craft


CAD program has a bright future ahead of it. Any person who can use it, would have decent job and earning opportunities in the future.
AutoCAD would definitely be a sound choice for your many interests.

Understanding the Interface


A CAD software helps you a lot in understanding the basics of Design Engineering and can help you in realizing different technical terminologies used in engineering. So, that is why learning a CAD software is very important. Understanding the AutoCAD interface will therefore help you while utilizing any other CAD programs.

Scope of 3D and CAD Courses

The fundamentals of both CAD and 3D designing are covered throughout the course.
To create with geometrical or dimensional constraints, you will study the most recent techniques in parametric drawing.
We offer every technical training to our students.
During our CAD training course, the students will learn all the basics and professional aspects of this software.
The following essential abilities will be taught:

  • Layer Management
  • Advanced Drafting & Modifications
  • Blocks & Attributes
  • Views & Annotation
  • X-Ref & OLE
  • Parametric Drawings
  • AutoCAD 3D Techniques
  • AutoCAD Architecture

Rakhere's Premium GD&T Training

With Rakhere training courses, we offer you a way to provide real-world engineering solutions. With us, you can Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is applied in practice as well as in theory. Pros of Learning GD&T

Real-Life Practicality

Instead of memorizing geometric tolerancing symbols, you’ll never use, practice addressing actual engineering issues by applying GD&T tolerances to practical uses. 


Take GD&T classes whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. A range of GD&T course selections and training approaches, both virtual and in-person, are available.

Quick Results

When you leave class with tools you can use—instead of just pointless knowledge—you’ll see a change right away in your prints and manufacturing processes.

Online GD&T training that you may complete at your own pace will help you become more competent and confident. Our GD&T online course is based on our streamlined framework and uses real-world examples to give you useful skills you can apply right now.