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Design Your Ideas with Our Design Engineering

Why We are the Best in Design Engineering?

To meet your needs for product design and development, Rakhere Engineering Solutions integrates design knowledge, experience, and skill from several disciplines with the most up-to-date tools. Your individual mechanical design engineering needs are catered to by our broad variety of engineering services. We lead the market because of the following aspects:
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Engineers with Expertise For all your mechanical and electromechanical design needs, our sizable team of degreed engineers is skilled in numerous CAD systems, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), and tolerance stacking. We have expertise in a variety of sectors, including consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, and medicine. All of the common materials, including plastics, sheet metal, composites, and machining, are covered in our knowledge base for the design. And it includes additive manufacturing as well as all other standard production processes. We take care in giving you 2D drawings that are organized and in-depth.
Flexible & Reliable Services To handle any type of design project, we provide a broad range of CAD designs, design engineering consulting and design engineering services. Rakhere is equipped to handle anything from product design to mechanical engineering because we have hundreds of independent designers and engineers in our network.

Rakhere’s Design & Concept Development

Would you like a world-class design team to collaborate with your concept plan? To find different perspectives and answers to your design difficulties, we may take an impartial look at your project. Then you may use those with your internal design work to get a blended design answer that was developed by a bigger team of technical minds.
As an alternative, we can direct and conclude the idea development phase in collaboration with your marketing and sales teams as well as your customers’ inputs and knowledge base. After the concepts are accepted, we would start working on your product’s design and development. then proceed with production.
By placing clients in direct contact with excellent, trustworthy, and well-vetted designers and engineers with a solid track record, we remove the guesswork from hiring. We have both short-term and long-term contracts available for our reputed clients.
Rakhere can help, whether you’re seeking an expert engineer to help you launch your product or to transfer some of your company’s labor.

Our Team Augmentation

Additionally, we are accessible to support your internal design team. As you are aware, mechanical product design requires a lot of time-consuming tasks, such as model/drawing checking, tolerance stacking, production drawing layout, and prototype design iteration.
By using our services to enhance your capacities at the appropriate moments and in the appropriate places during your design process,
Rakhere Engineering Solutions may help you shorten the time it takes to market. Use our strengths consistently or in specific portions of your design process.

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