This engine was built by engineers using their expertise in dimensional engineering.

Dimensional Engineering at its Best – Rakhere's Exclusive!

To define a reference coordinate system for a component or assembly that can be utilized throughout production and inspection, GD&T offers a clear and succinct way. Inadequate clarity can lead to misunderstandings, the necessity for expensive engineering improvements, and the requirement for more work. You can use our Dimensional Engineering services for your national or international projects. So, get your products designed by world-class designers and engineers with a decency.

dimensional engineering graphic drawing sheet which was design by engineers.

Precision at its Best!

Industry leaders in power and energy, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, automotive, process manufacturing, Design for cost, Product Engineering, Design for Assembly, and other fields are served by Dimensional Engineering.
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Metrology Specialists

Rakhere has developed into a full-service group of engineers and metrology experts. We concentrate on using Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis to suit the demands of our clients all over the world


Our passion for safety is the only part of our business that matches our drive for precision. The greatest levels of safety are something we are dedicated to. To reduce new dangers, we constantly improve our policies. At the heart of all, we do is safety.

Dimensional Inspection

Companies aim for their product to be as close to nominal as feasible across all industries. We assist businesses in turning that dream into reality with our knowledge of the newest technology and software for metrology.
Dimensional Engineering is a pioneer in the application of metrology technology thanks to the requirement for precise and accurate inspection during the manufacturing process.

Laser Trackers
Laser Scanners
Optical Comparator
First-article examination, third-party evaluation, quality management, and quality control services are offered by Dimensional Engineering. We have an unrivaled advantage thanks to our team’s in-depth expertise in a wide range of sectors and Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Our ability to examine requirements, evaluate if they are met, and provide results clearly and simply is made possible by our awareness of current standards and practices. With the help of Dimensional Engineering’s dimensional inspection services, you can ensure the high-quality performance of your goods, tooling, and processes. To get the outcomes you require, we can employ a range of techniques and tools. Our inspection services are customized to meet each client’s demands, whether they are carried out in the field or our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) lab.

Dimensional Control

The process of taking precise measurements of an object in a three-dimensional environment and then digitally recreating it using those measurements is known as dimensional control surveying. The flaws in these objects can then be easily found by comparing them to the original design.

Use of Dimensional Control Services:

  • Dimensional Layout & Design Confirmation 
  • Employing 3D Laser Scanning for Remote Measurement
  • Shorter Delivery and Installation Times
  • Monitoring Compliance During Fabrication
this is an object in a three dimensional was created with the help of dimensional engineering by engineers.

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