measuring tool.

Measurement Services

The specialist measurement engineering services offered by Rakhere include the measurement of product designs, 3D Scanning, the choice and assessment of instruments and sensors, the design of transducers, and data analysis. With tasks like design load estimation, CAE model support, Endurance Tests, Machine Dynamics, Project Management, Problem-Solving, and Engineering Investigations, we put our experience in measurement engineering to use.

World-Class Reverse Engineering Service

Reverse engineering is the process of taking measurements of the part and/or scanning it to recreate design drawings.
Scanning objects without any existing CAD information or drawings are mostly used to recreate digital information. Building and redesigning items are also aided by computer-assisted reverse engineering (CARE).
Through scanning and reverse engineering services, you may accurately measure the product’s dimensions, and with the use of CARE, we can redesign it.
With Rakhere, you can get a professional and world-class reverse engineering service.

training of cmm service with arm
We offer 3D scanning and training services with a promise of requirement fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
We offer the following:

3D Modeling & Drawing Services


With the most recent engineering tools and technologies, we have experience. We possess the necessary abilities to produce the pertinent drawings and models needed for the project in any format required.

CAI Services


We offer Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) services to clients, ensuring that they may optimize their business’s manufacturing process. It makes sure that the material and size consistency is constant and accurate.

Detailed Part Analysis


For the client to understand exactly what they possess and what they will need in the future, our team will give them the part’s exact specs.

Our Leverage

In addition to typical manual geometric designs, we employ the following strategies to provide our clients with cost-effective engineering services:

  • CMM Scanning (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Full Contact CMM Scanning
  • 3D Scanning
  • CGI Scanning
  • Non-Contact Inspection

Have an Engineering Project / Idea?

Let’s Imagine & Implement Together with Rakhere 3D Training

We have a history of learning, guiding, studying, and training. We offer a variety of services, including Product Development and 3D training.

The Rakhere team supports its customers at every stage, from material selection to manufacturing and production.
When necessary, we provide the consumer with what he needs immediately. We make use of cutting-edge technology and strong, seasoned process skills.

What Will You Learn with Us?

To produce products more effectively, efficiently, and quickly, this course will concentrate on product design in a digital world and design procedure execution utilizing CAD/CAM tools. By completing a three-dimensional part using the principles of solid modeling, including feature-based parametric CAD, the trainee will be able to: explain the design process and the function of engineering graphics in digital development and analysis; create a three-dimensional assembly model; show how to manage CAD data files and unified data management, and comprehend product lifecycle management (PLM).
a product with its dimensions, which were measured by using measurement software