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Metrology Services | Dimensional Inspection & Measurement

Rakhere Technologies has provided customers with CMM measurement and metrology services for professional dimensional inspection reports.

We also offer CMM calibration and engineering services across a broad range of industries, including: Aerospace, Medical, Defense, Space Flight, Automotive, Plastics, Commercial Products, and more.

Whether you’re looking for 3D laser scanning, CMM inspection, color mapping, or any other dimensional inspection services, Made to Measure can help.

Why Trust Our Metrology Services?

All of our metrologists are AUKOM Certified and come from diverse manufacturing and engineering backgrounds. We continually invest in our environmentally-controlled, ISO 17025 accredited metrology lab to ensure we have the equipment needed for your inspection. Furthermore, we’re constantly updating our employees on their metrology training to stay informed on the fields of design, contour analysis, surface analysis, manufacturing, and contract inspection.

When you work with Made to Measure, we’re here to support your team with our CMM services and creative problem solving to help you move quickly through the quality stage. From First Article Inspection to CMM Programming, we’re your go-to when you need a full-service metrology lab. 

Our Metrology Lab Capabilities

Because we’ve been offering metrology services for nearly 40 years, we’ve amassed a veritable arsenal of precision equipment. But what can we handle? Browse a few of our key capabilities at our metrology lab:

  • 15 high accuracy CMMs with measurement envelopes as large as 200” x 110” x 75”
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Industrial CT Scanning services
  • Video optics measuring systems (VMM)
  • Full complement of conventional inspection tools for roundness testingform tracing, surface finish, and hardness
  • Highly-experienced, diverse team of certified metrologists

Browse the Metrology Services Available at Rakhere Technologies

Are you curious about everything offered at our metrology lab? Take a moment to peruse the metrology services offered at Made to Measure below.
And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us online if you have any questions for our team. We’re always ready to take a look at your
project and give you a quote for our CMM inspection services.

If the items in question are still in production but you know you’ll require a dimensional inspection, you can have delays if you don’t have a specialized CMM programmer. Here is where we come in! By pre-programming CMM software, offline CMM programming services assist avoid manufacturing delays. We look at any components you need to evaluate in your manufacturing designs and CAD models first.
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Coordinate Measuring Machines such as machines are used to gauge an object’s dimensions. To measure things along the X, Y, and Z axes, they employ a variety of technologies, including scanners, touch triggers, and vision probes. To make that the finished product is sufficiently similar to the initial design, the dimensions can then be compared to the original design plans or requirements of the thing. To maintain efficiency and precision even in extreme temperatures and situations, CMMs are often made of granite and aluminum.
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The emerging discipline of AutoCAD combines technical knowledge with artistic ability. The principles of computer-aided designing(CAD) will be taught in this course to help students. The key player in the transformation from time-consuming manual drawing techniques on sheets of paper to CAD design employing a technical approach is AutoCAD. This course will assist in learning this software from a beginner’s level up to a professional level.
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