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Offline CMM Programming

Companies still want a skilled and qualified CMM programmer to set up their machines, even though it may not be a full-time position for some. When properly configured, CMM software assures the appropriate application of data and style for the task at hand.

Production snags, staffing shortfalls, or helping CMM Operators run parts they might not be familiar with can all be helped by CMM programming.

Measuring equipment might cause unanticipated production problems if a skilled CMM programmer is not on hand, and this is a common issue. To use the CMM your operators are accustomed to using in the comfort of your facility, Rakhere’s metrologists can code CMM software for your team.

Offline CMM Programming

If the items in question are still in production but you know you’ll require a dimensional inspection, you can have delays if you don’t have a specialized CMM programmer. Here is where we come in!

By pre-programming CMM software, offline CMM programming services assist avoid manufacturing delays. We look at any components you need to evaluate in your manufacturing designs and CAD models first. After becoming familiar with your parts, our qualified metrologists start coding CMM software to inspect them post-production.

You can save important time between manufacturing and inspection by having this done before the equipment is even finished.

While waiting for the parts to be inspected, your internal quality control team can avoid any delays. All you have to do is run the components once a program is prepared and set up.
Your team may also improve accuracy with the use of Made to Measure’s offline CMM programming, which will ultimately maximize the ROI of your CMM machine by boosting throughput and relieving stress.

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Professional PolyWorks Services

Using portable metrology equipment and CNC CMMs, PolyWorks is a unified 3D dimensional assessment and quality control application to manage part dimensions, identify and prevent assembling and manufacturing issues, direct assembly building, and evaluate the progress of assembled products. Rakhere offers Polyworks services to help potential clients with premium dimensional engineering services.

We Offer Maintainability and Efficiency

Our CMM programmers have years of production Modus, Quindos, and MeasureMax measurement program authoring experience. We are aware of the impact a high-quality, carefully planned, and the simple-to-follow program can have on the effectiveness of your testing process. All of our part programs were designed with the intention that once they were provided, your operators could maintain and update them as needed. No unpleasant surprises or sly ploys to bind you. For dimensional analysis, we depend on our reputation as a reliable, trustworthy source.

We Offer Maintainability and Efficiency

We take several actions as part of our quality assurance program to check each part’s dimensions and production quality utilizing cutting-edge machinery like CMMs. Each customer receives comprehensive manufacturing, machining, and inspection services from Rakhere. CMMs are used to measure items along a variety of dimensions and contact points with world-class Metrology Services. To find out more about our skills or to receive an estimate for your upcoming project, get in touch with us right now.

Get a Detailed Report

Our opinion is that your CMM inspection procedure should benefit your company rather than be an expense. We make sure the inspection information is available to you in the forms you demand after investing time and money into developing a CMM component program. Because of this, CSV reporting comes as standard with every software we create. It is a straightforward way of tracking your results that is crucial for SPC.

Additionally saved as standard in all of our CMM programs are measurement databases. Your engineers now can access the raw measurement data, allowing them to extract more information as needed or carry out a root-cause study as necessary. For enhanced insight, we provide automatically generated PDF reports with graphic graphs of scanned inspection data. Contact us right away if you want to turn CMM inspection into a useful tool for managing and improving your production process.

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