engineer is designing a product on autocad.

About Rakhere AutoCAD Program

The emerging discipline of AutoCAD combines technical knowledge with artistic ability. The principles of computer-aided designing(CAD) will be taught in this course to help students.

The key player in the transformation from time-consuming manual drawing techniques on sheets of paper to CAD design employing a technical approach is AutoCAD. This course will assist in learning this software from a beginner’s level up to a professional level.
Designing skills and creating planning is the goal, which starts with learning the fundamentals of AutoCAD theory and practice before transiting to drawing edges, polylines, layers, trimming, gradients, and hatching, along with other things.
In addition to the AutoCAD program, the presentation and modeling of 3D Max are going to be explored. With its thorough instructions, this program puts you on the path to success.

two engineers are discussing something while designing product.

On engineering drawings, GD&T is a global language. GD&T improves accuracy in drawing parameters and application, which reduces disputes, guesswork, and assumptions throughout the production and is affected by the interaction. When used properly, GD&T increases tolerances enhances productivity and improves product design. Your company may be able to save both time and money.

Based on ASME Y14 and ISO standards, Rakhere provides GD&T training and products. Our courses are created according to the principles of adult learning and include several aims and objectives that solidify ideas and yield quantifiable results. We provide on-site and public workshops led by instructors, and many of our programs can be taken on demand. Textbooks, worksheets, and charts are just a few of the GD&T items that may be ordered online.


Inspection points verify that goods and services meet the requirements of an organization. This is why having the ability to conduct and document quality inspections can be a very beneficial skill.

Rakhere’s Inspection preparation Training can help you get ready for the Certified Quality Inspector test or just broaden your understanding of quality inspections by educating you on various standards and appropriate inspection procedures.

Course Objectives

You will comprehend the rationale and structure of regulatory inspections and learn how to set up your business to pass an inspection or client audit while ensuring the best possible outcome.
Learn about the latest trends (with an eye toward virtual/remote audits) and gain practical knowledge of the following: what inspectors are looking for; successful planning and management of inspections; typical compliance issues and proactive compliance.

Convenient Learning Options

Our GD&T training programs at RAKHERE are created to support both the needs of the team and the individual. We have you in mind by offering flexible learning alternatives and materials that are both technically sound and simple to understand. Our entire training curriculum is delivered by academics and industry leaders. We provide a variety of course formats, including private online GD&T training, classroom webinars, on-site training, and open seminars. We can assist you in obtaining independent instruction in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

Communication is enhanced, high-quality products are designed, and product tolerances are increased when one has strong GD&T skills. When used effectively, GD&T training can help you and your company save both time and money. View our selection of adaptable GD&T studies and professional consultation alternatives.

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