Rakhere Technologies

World Class Engineering Service Provider

Rakhere Technologies offers world-class service in Design Engineering, Product Development, Program Management, Dimensional Engineering & Analysis, Geometrical Assurance, Manufacturing processes, Quality Engineering and other Engineering Services with a promise of a budget-friendly, time-friendly, and user-friendly strategy.

By offering Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Design For Assembly (DFA) and Design for Cost (DFC) engineering, Rakhere’s product development and engineering solution lowers the cost of product design and development. We use our expertise, offerings, and cutting-edge technology to work toward complete product development.

With Our Top-Notch Technology – Plan Success in Assured

We are in a unique position to meet the needs of all of our clients, thanks to our extensive expertise working on simulation projects and our strategic alliances with leading manufacturers and research organizations.

We can supply the appropriate skill set and give various degrees of assistance needed at various product maturity levels. Our design engineering  and product development skills for BIW (Body in White) Assembly Fixtures, Trim Assembly Fixtures, Manufacturing Assembly Aids, Dimensional Validations, Geometrical Assurance, and other Geometrical Fixtures are quite strong.

an engineer working on computer to design mechanical product.

We distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market because of the followings:

Cutting-Edge Technology
We are famously renowned for our cutting-edge technology. We are best positioned to manage our clients’ most difficult financial and tactical challenges thanks to our multi-industry expertise and in-depth technical expertise; previous assignments have added Strategy Development, Plan Development, Program Management, and Regulatory Compliance.

Project-Based Strategy
For us, customer satisfaction is the utmost priority and that is why we devise such a strategy that ensures maximum output and results. We trust in establishing trustworthy connections with our OEM’s, Manufactures, Tier-1 suppliers, and other companies.

We work in a range of industries and in marketplaces that are expanding quickly.
These missions are a part of a lengthy timeline that is required for the deployment of such large-scale initiatives.

We proudly offer:

  • Engineering Services
  • Project Management Plans
  • Design Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Dimensional Engineering
  • Measurement Services
  • CAD Training
  • Staffing Services
  • CMM Services
  • Offline CMM Programming
  • Technical Training

Boost Your Potential with Our Training Programs

Boost your potential and excel in the global market with our training programs. With our globally recognized training programs, anyone can learn the latest CAD System and get a chance to grab numerous worldwide opportunities. We offer CAD training and some other technical training as well. We have a training path for everyone, whether they are a beginners, students, experts or professionals. Your options for learning and training range from basic to expert are powered by licensed instructors, and approved partners.